The New Necklace

Eleanor Anne Schrafft

Glow Of Gold, Gleam Of Pearl

The Note – Mrs. Ernest Major

title unknown

Elizabeth Blaney


Cherry – The Gay Nineties

Girl Combing Her Hair

The Chinese Parasol

The Yellow Jacket

Helen Smith Beyer (Mrs. Henry Gustav Beyer)

Mollie Scott And Dorothy Tay

Portrait of Elizabeth

The Canary

Caroline Elizabeth Stewart


The Breakfast


The Album

The Green Dress

The Figurine

Diana Of The Peaks

Woman Sewing

The Daguerreotype

Henry Gustav Bejer jr

Seated Nude With Sculpture

The Letter

La Russe

The White Veranda

The Red Fan – Mrs. William Paxton

Rose And Blue

Mr. Charles Sinkler

The Golden Veil

Girl Sweeping

title unknown

title unknown


other paintings