A Social Success In 1847 And 1947

An Engaged Girl’s Choice 1847 and 1947

Strange Reunion

The Lifeguard And The Lady

The Destroyer

There’s A Dame In The Joint!

Paroled To A Woman

title unknown

Black Jack #4

Man At Desk

Woman Adjusting Dress

Challenge The River

The following illustrations are taken from “Alias Jane Smith”:

Alias Jane Smith

Saturday Evening Post illustration

Lady In White

Nude Woman Seated

Cowboys And Chorus Girls Riding Carousel

Reach For A Star

title unknown



Acapulco Baby

Portrait Of Woman


The Swinger – Woman Swinging Above Crowded Bar

Woman With Basket Of Flowers Pausing In Italian Landscape

Woman And Man Dressing

Young Woman

Reclining Nude

Nude Lady Standing

Red Head In Floral Hat And Can Can

Rape Of The Sabines

Goodbye Little Yellow Bird

title unknown

Seated Nude In A Landscape

Kirkland Revels

Return To Paradise

Midnight Lace

Husbands and Lovers

The Pastures Of Heaven

The Chinese Room

Hoping For A Safe Return – It’s Okay, Mom

Bell Aircraft

Bell P-39 Airacobra In Wartime Setting

Anne Boleyn


Ninon de Lenclos



Mata Hari

Lady Hamilton



Sans Culottes

Reflection In The Golden Eye

American Artist cover