I Wish I Had Dad’s Winchester

Whistling In The Dark

Aviation Calendar

Children Sing Christmas Carols

Give Them Health And The World Is Theirs

Ladies Home Journal cover

Ladies Home Journal cover

Two Happy Hearts

title unknown

Boys Skinny Dipping

Boy With Model Airplane, Grandfather With Model Ship

Little Boy Sitting On A Stool

Boy And Dog In Nature – June Morning

Boy Botanist

Toy Sailboats


Moonlit Car Ride

Huckleberry Finn

Smiling Boy Holding Football

Children On Swing

Wipeout On Skis

The Windup

Skaters Bonfire

Football Hero

Daydreaming Accordionist

The American Magazine cover

School’s Out!

Costumes For Play

Snowball Battle

Snowball Battle

title unknown

Witches Night Out