Cupid And Psyche

The Silence

Keep Me In Your Heart For Awhile

Are You Here?

Breaking The Pose


Painter And Model

The Act of Judith

Headstone Portrait Of Claudia Glass

Alexis Firsty And Her Collection Of Socks

Night Mayor of Broadway – Portrait of David McDermott

Words – Sara in Pain

Her Dream

title unknown


Pensione Ichino (Panel II)

See What I Mean? Let’s Try That Pose

Entering Darkness (Panel V)

Entering Darkness (Panel VI)

Liberation, 1945


The Two of Us, Bergen-Belsen 1945

The Butcher’s Helper, Buchenwald 1941-45 (Panel II)

The Butcher’s Helper, Buchenwald 1941-45 (Panel III)

The German Girl

A Jew In A Ruin

Israel 1951

Unseen And Unheard

A Nun’s Decision

Tit For Tat

Kill-Joy, To The Passion of Kathe Kollwitz 

Taken And Returned

Va-Va In Second Hand Rose

The Rounds Twins Before The Camera


Jeff Davies

Elvira Alderman

Karen In The Mirror

William Hull

Chelsea Fierst

Stacey French

Sarah Miles

Christina Fadden Fitch

Nissa Macumber

Vincent And His Dream Girl

Vincent And His Demons

Vincent Van Gogh And Death

The Beauty Contest (Noose-Tag On Neck)

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