The Gothic Line

Depth Force

The Rat Bastards – Nightmare Alley

Brown Bear Camp

Paseo del Norte

The Monkey Wrench Gang

The Desperate Adversaries

World Without End

The Lawyer

Hillbilly Humor

The Arabian Nights Of Sir Richard Burton 

It’s A Man’s World

The Captive Maidens In The Nazis House Of 1,000 Deaths

I Fought Hitler’s Special Maiden-Torturing Kommando

Bring Out The Hostages Of Hitler’s Passion Cave

Soft Bodies For Hitler’s Torture Master

On The Devil’s Couch Of Torment

Damned Beauties For The Nazi Horror Museum

Soft Nudes For The Nazis’ Doktor Horror

Helpless Nudes In The Madman’s Pit Of Horrors

Maidens Of Passion For The Devil Dutchman

The Golden Nudes For The Mad Nazi Sculptor

The Last Battle Of The Joy Girl Brigade

The Mountain Of Torture

Chains Of Agony For The Bound Beauties Of Norway

Nazi Water Torture Rites

Watch Her Die Screaming, Gringo Dog!

Torture Is Their Business!

Red China’s Around-The-World Spy Brides

The Man-Killing Girls Of Lepu

Lloyd Smith’s Bloody Arctic Trek

The Eskimo Girl Heaven Of Seaman Groves

The American Male – Why He’s A Sex Freak Out