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Putting The Genie In the Bottle

In The Pavilion Of The Red Clown

Mata Hari

Enchiladas de Amore

Death By Exasperation

Infinite Einsteins And The Equation For The Inside Out Maiden

Irene Interfacing With An Astrodynamic Epiphany

Flight Of The Last Dodo

Face Value

Greater Concerns Than Mere Puppetry

Oscar Wilde In Leadville

Psychic Pedestrians On A Spiral Horizon

Court ’em All, Let Cupid Sort ’em Out

Quest For Cholesterol

Swap Meet Sally

The Persuasion Of Right Angles

Wooden Spirits Persist Where Termites Fear To Tread

The Girl With The Fabergé Ass

Veil Of Paternity

Vanity Of The New

Sex & Violence

The Tooth Fairy

Symbiotic Mediocrity

The Decline

The Chrome Plater’s Wet Dream

A White Knuckle Ride For Lucky St. Christopher

Death On The Boards

Carne de Amore

Cowboys And Amoebas

The Waterhead Who Was Raised In A Box

An Hallucinating Reprobate And His Account Of A Dragon Decimating, Dame-Avenger

Exploration Of The Subconscious On I-40

The Pan Handler’s Awakening

Lil’ Penisve Peter Pie Chart

Appetite For Destruction

The Fear Of Green

A Carouser’s Ode To Sentimentality

Hollywood After Midnight

Thumpert The Fascist Cotton-Tail

The Surrealist Nude Quiche Cadaver Reclining

The Voice From The Wee Gee Board

Backstage Johnny Expresses His Darker Urges At The Sight Of A Hot Squat

Jezebel On A BLT

The Thing In The Hope Chest

Magnitude X

Mathematics Takes A Holiday

Flying Saucer Attack On A Pirate Galleon

The Hot Rod Race

Private Glory


Pansy Gatherers At Myrtlewood Dale

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