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Spring Dance

Song Of The Sea – The Three Graces

Dancing Ladies

Girls Dancing

The Dancers

unfinished work

Three Women Walking

The Wave – Marine

title unknown

Bather And Mermaid With Pearl

I Piped But Ye Would Not Dance

The Grape – The Wine Maker

Mandarin Robe


Centaur and Mermaid on Beach at Sunset

Figures In Tonal California Landscape


Woman And Children Picking Poppies In Landscape

title unknown

Young Bather

Vision Of Saint Francis

The Victorious Spirit

The Pursuit Of Pleasure (Study)

The Arts (Study)

title unknown

Shepherd, Sheep And Burning Bush


Lilies Of Midas

Paris Studio Interior

John Zeile

John Zeile

Pauline Marie Mathews


The Old Dutchman

Dante And Beatrice

Discovery Of San Francisco Bay

The Pioneers

Rolling Clouds

Monterey Bay

Monterey Cypress, California

Afternoon Among The Cypress

The Oaks

View Of Tomales Bay

Afterglow At The Seashore


Dutch Landscape With Windmills

Santa Barbara Mission

Landscape – Small Path By A River

Trees Along A River