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Coulee Dam, Looking West

Sunday Morning, Grand Coulee

Red Earth And Spotted Cows – Cows And Barn

Hallett House Medical Lake

Old T. T. Minor House, First Hill, Seattle

title unknown

San Pedro Stable

Alki Point Lighthouse


Petit Mansion

Palouse Barnyard

Brattleboro Street Comp

RD Seven (Mailboxes)

Pool Below Kettle Falls

title unknown

Putney Vermont

Near San Jacinto

Young Woman

Blanche Morgan Losey

Edmund Giles Tennant

Rocks and Concrete

Sand And Gravel Works

Jackhammer Crew

C.C.C. Camp Ginkco (Near Vantage)

Eastern Washington Landscape

Pettit Carriage House

Cottonwood Creek

Mount Baker, Washington

Mount Baker

Sea Shells – Blue And Gold


Jacqui’s Chickens

title unknown

title unknown

And this our life…finds tongues in trees

Genuine Queen Anne Cottage

Georgetown, Seattle