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Young Woman In Profile

Young Girl

Woman Holding A Bible

Portrait Of A Lady

Woman With Red Hair

Young Woman

Woman In Profile

Portrait Of A Woman

Balinese Girl



A Nude Dressing

Nude Girl

Female Nude

Portrait Of A Woman

Young Woman Reading

Spanish Dancer – Woman With Shawl

Lady With Red Scarf

Widow Clutching A Bouquet Of Flowers

Portrait Of A Woman

Woman Holding A Lily And A Candle

The Pink Bonnet

Two Girls

Portrait Of A Boy

Shepard, The Artist’s Brother

Shepard Pond In Hunting Dress

Guitar Player

Man With A Straw Hat

A Fisherman

Portrait Of A Man

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

The Wine Taster

Young Man

Bearded Man

title unknown

Boston Dome

Boston Dome

River Scene With Distant Factories

Landscape With Pond And Sailboat

Sailboats Leaving Port


Water Scene

The Village

Meadow And Sky

Landscape Of Trees

New England Landscape

New Jersey Pine Barrens

Red Tree In A Forest Setting

Forest Scene With A Red Tree

Forest Landscape