The Train

Monument Valley Crossing

Home Of The Brave

The Wild West

Red Man

Stormy Run


Under Arizona Skies

Attack On The Stage Coach

Morning Run

title unknown

Last Of The Great Herds

title unknown

title unknown

At The Sleeping Indian

Packing Home

Sacred Moose

Pack Mule

The Cutting Horse

Side Kicks


Don’t Fence Me In

Ol’ Faithful

A Little Extra Beef

The Fur Trade

Around The Turn

Packin’ Home

Apache Land

Tracking In The Snow

Wrong Way, Long Way

Twilight On The Trail

The Ambushers

Long Time No See

Tracks Of Dust

All Together

Native Lady’s Walking Go

The Hiding Place

Almost Half Dozen

Beauty Of The Land

Breaking Camp

Fresh Horses

Settle Down

The Stray

title unknown

On Alert For Gold Seeker

Race To Town

The Past

Pointing The Way

Home From The Hill

Catching The Act

Ride ‘Em Cowboy

There’s The Beef

Catch Um

The Wild Ones

Riding In The Sunset

Train Robbers

(to be continued)