Age Of Speed

Artist’s Wife With Three Children

Boys At The Pool

Three Boys At The Sheephole

Three Children Fishing

Figures In The Glen

Three Children On A Fallen Log

Dorothy And Friends

Dorothy With A Vase Of Flowers

Artist’s Wife

Self Portrait With Cigarette

Self Portrait With Brush

Self Portrait

Portrait Of A Woman


Peace Of Mind


Older Man With Moustache

The Idlers

Paul On The Path To The Shed

Model In Breckenridge’s Class

Dorothy In A Sunlit Garden

Artist’s Wife By The Riverbank

In The Garden

Feeding The Ducks

The Children Of James W. Hunsberger

Paul On Homemade Skis

Rose Gate (Farm)

Dorothy – Rose Garden

Great Grandmother In Her Garden

Summer Woods

Feeding The Chickens

Hanging Laundry

Three Boys In A Boat

Woman And Flowers

The Hay Wagon

Children Playing By A Pool

Wismer Farm

Four Boys

Jack Painted In Oberlin

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