15 thoughts on “General Comments”

  1. You are displaying a painting, A Portrait of a Woman, which is a portrait of my mother painted in 1952 or 1953, Grace Cantor. Can you tell me where this portrait is hanging?


  2. Hello and good morning, I have a question regarding one of the the pieces. On your banner https://americangallery20th.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/cropped-960-x-260.jpg
    you have a painting of a woman on the top row, and second to last. What is the title of that painting and who is the painter?


  3. I have ‘Into The Canyon’ 12 x 18 in original frame. excellent condition.
    Do you give value estimates ?
    thank you.


  4. Dear Lexi/Suzay,

    Outstanding web site – very comprehensive list of great artists. One artist, however, whom I feel should be included in the list is Robert Addison (1924-1988). Not only was he an exceptional artist, his paintings maybe more so than any other artist, were the quintessential American scene. Would there be any chance that Robert Addison will be included among the list of great American fine artists? * Wish there were some way that I could include an attachment (one of Robert Addison’s paintings) to this blog. This is as close that I can think of to show one of Addison’s works. https://flic.kr/p/W2Jg2J


  5. Patricia Leach said:

    We are trying to find ‘Flora & the Silver’ ship by J J Shannon painted 1922 in London. Probably in the USA? It shows the same Flora (the artists niece) as ‘Flora’ that is in Glasgow, but this time with The Silver ship which Shannon painted at least 3 times. Can anybody help us find her?


  6. Daniele Thomas said:

    A great website.
    I checked the Sylvia Sleigh paintings and the name Robert Lucy is included. She painted him several times (Robert Lucy in a Grove, Pluto: Robert Lucy).
    Would you know who he was? An artist? A playwright?
    Any information is welcome.


  7. arturoucha said:

    Thank you very much for the article dedicated to Leon Franks. I am writing to you from Spain. I have a painting of a clown and I have finally been able to identify it: it is a copy of Girl Clown. Do you have more information about this portrait? Date, museum where it can be found, model …? Greetings and congratulations on the web 😉


  8. Warwick said:

    There is a painting on American Gallery – 20th Century featured on the main page, at the top, a nude 2nd in from the right. I’m trying to find the artists name, can any one help?


  9. Hi, can i use the images of Alice Neel in my lessons of homestyle on-line and in a school and in a small spaces where i talk abouti interior?
    thank you


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