Roy Gates Perham (1916 – 1995)



Woman With Blue Dress

Woman With Pink Dress

A Seated Girl

Man With Pipe

A Black Poodle


Man Wearing Riding Outfit

Serious Woman

Girl With Black Dress

Portrait Of A Child

Lady In Green Dress With Beads

Man In Suit And Glasses

Blonde Woman With Green Background

Woman With Pink Ribbon On Blouse

Portrait Of A Woman

Old Gent

Woman With Downcast Eyes

Colonial Soldier

John Kane (1860 – 1934)


Bust Of A Highlander

The Campbells Are Coming

Self Portrait

From My Studio Window

Liberty Bridge, Pittsburgh

George Washington Bridge

Balmoral Castle

Scotch Day At Kennywood

Highland Hollow

Lassie In Kilts

Turtle Creek Valley No. 2

Crossing The Junction

Panther Hollow, Pittsburgh

Panther Hollow

Touching Up

John Kane And His Wife

My Daughter And Grandchild

Across The Strip

Morewood Heights

Through Coleman Hollow, Up The Allegheny Valley

The Monongahela River Valley

Portrait Of A Girl


title unknown

Old Saint Patrick’s

Old Clinton Furnace

Along The Susquehanna

Halstead, Pennsylvania

Girl Coming Down Garden Steps

Girl With Doll Carriage

Stately Mansion

St. Philomena’s


Farm Scene

Child Seated On Wall

Girl On A Park Bench With Cat And Dog

Children Picking Daisies

Blowing Bubbles

Farm Scene With Three Horses

Squirrel Hill Farm

Steel Farm

The Old Elm

George Stavrinos (1948 – 1990)


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Kissinger And Nixon

Self Portrait

Meryl Streep

Ginger Rogers And Fred Astaire

Flying Tiles


The Messenger

The Fan

Woman At Mirror

Sally MacLeod

Hot Weather

Taking Care Of Mrs. Carroll


Blueboy illustration



Man Exercising


GQ illustration

GQ illustration

PlayGirl Magazine illustration

States Of Desire


Liberty For All