Vincent Nesbert (1898 – 1976)


, ,

Woman In White Dress

A Musketeer


Alice B. Sotter


Female Nude


Reclining Nude

Elderly Lady In Glasses

Charles Alexander Cameron

Seated Woman With Hat

Nude Woman

Reclining Nude

Portrait Of A Woman

Polish Singer

North African Man With Drum

Woman In Red Dress

Reclining Nude

Woman In Black Dress

Young Woman

Ripening Sunbeams

Impressionistic Landscape

Still Life Of Balalaika, Portrait, Vase Of Flowers And Book


Still Life

Portrait Of Woman

Nude Woman Bust

Male Nude

Seated Nude

Female Nude

Nude Reclining

Study Of A Man In Five Different Poses

Female Standing Nude

Female Seated Nude

title unknown

Seated Nude

Female Study

Female Study

Female Study

Nude Woman

Self Portrait In Bow-Tie

Reclining Female Nude

Portrait Of Woman

Nude Woman

Seated Woman

Seated Nude Woman

Nude Woman

Nude Young Woman

Temptation Of St. Anthony


Ben Stahl (1910 – 1987)


The Grand Reflector

Having Their Picture Took

Sarah Kelly

title unknown

Victorian Parents And Spinster Daughter

Most Likely To Succeed

At The Art Gallery

Rosenblum Women’s Fashion

Coffee Time

Central Park

Crowfoot For Luck

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

She Turned A Wilderness Into Home

A Young Beauty Seated By Her Bedroom Window

The Last Knife

Fleeing The Crowd

The Short Side Of The Triangle

The Bitter Sands

Lord Hornblower

Hornblower – Black Wake

Cupid Is A Fat Duenna

Woman With A Bumbershoot

Honey Child

At A Table In Montmartre

title unknown

Dutch Annie

title unknown

Semi-Nude Figure

Summer Afternoon

Barmaid At The Birdcage

Backstage At The Birdcage

The following illustrations are taken from “Ben Hur”:

Jesus Is Condemned

The following illustrations are taken from “Stations Of The Cross”:

Jesus Is Condemned To Death

Jesus Is Made To Carry The Cross

Jesus Falls The First Time

Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother

The Cyrenean Helps Jesus To Carry His Cross

Veronica Wipes The Face Of Jesus

Jesus Speaks To The Women Of Jerusalem

Jesus Falls The Third Time

Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments

Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross

Jesus Dies On The Cross

Jesus Is Taken From The Cross

Jesus Is Laid In The Sepulcher

(more paintings)


Roy Cleveland Nuse (1885 – 1975)


Age Of Speed

Artist’s Wife With Three Children

Boys At The Pool

Three Boys At The Sheephole

Three Children Fishing

Figures In The Glen

Three Children On A Fallen Log

Dorothy And Friends

Dorothy With A Vase Of Flowers

Artist’s Wife

Self Portrait With Cigarette

Self Portrait With Brush

Self Portrait

Portrait Of A Woman


Peace Of Mind


Older Man With Moustache

The Idlers

Paul On The Path To The Shed

Model In Breckenridge’s Class

Dorothy In A Sunlit Garden

Artist’s Wife By The Riverbank

In The Garden

Feeding The Ducks

The Children Of James W. Hunsberger

Paul On Homemade Skis

Rose Gate (Farm)

Dorothy – Rose Garden

Great Grandmother In Her Garden

Summer Woods

Feeding The Chickens

Hanging Laundry

Three Boys In A Boat

Woman And Flowers

The Hay Wagon

Children Playing By A Pool

Wismer Farm

Four Boys

Jack Painted In Oberlin

(more paintings)


Harland Young (1924 – 2015)


The Train

Monument Valley Crossing

Home Of The Brave

The Wild West

Red Man

Stormy Run


Under Arizona Skies

Attack On The Stage Coach

Morning Run

title unknown

Last Of The Great Herds

title unknown

title unknown

At The Sleeping Indian

Packing Home

Sacred Moose

Pack Mule

The Cutting Horse

Side Kicks


Don’t Fence Me In

Ol’ Faithful

A Little Extra Beef

The Fur Trade

Around The Turn

Packin’ Home

Apache Land

Tracking In The Snow

Wrong Way, Long Way

Twilight On The Trail

The Ambushers

Long Time No See

Tracks Of Dust

All Together

Native Lady’s Walking Go

The Hiding Place

Almost Half Dozen

Beauty Of The Land

Breaking Camp

Fresh Horses

Settle Down

The Stray

title unknown

On Alert For Gold Seeker

Race To Town

The Past

Pointing The Way

Home From The Hill

Catching The Act

Ride ‘Em Cowboy

There’s The Beef

Catch Um

The Wild Ones

Riding In The Sunset

Train Robbers

(to be continued)




Patricia O’Brien


The Yellow Hat

The Letter

Butterflies And Flowers

The Table



The Teenage Daughter

Nude Figure With Tiger

At The Window

Adam And Eve

Woman Washing Her Face

After The Bath

Golden Evening

Woman Combing Her Hair

Oranges And Lemons

Summer Garden

The Picnic

Coffee Morning

Afternoon Tea

The Offering


Tric Trac


Midnight Mass

The Mistral

The Red Hat

The Couturiers

Girl Sewing



The Dressing Table

Scent Of Roses

The Fruit Eaters

Summer Park

Reclining Nude


The Guardians


Emily With Three Trout


The Peach Bowl

The Fruit Tray


Lenten Rose

Red Tulips

© Patricia O’Brien