Xavier Martinez (1869 – 1943)



Afternoon In Piedmont (Elsie Whitaker Martinez)

Canyon De Chelly, Arizona

Oraibi, Hopi Village, Arizona

The Desert, Arizona

Walpi Pueblo Landscape, Arizona

Hopi Indian At A Hearth

Carmel Mission

Clouds Over A California Hillside

San Leandro Bay



Self Portrait

Old Alcaiseria, Guadalajara, Mexico

Contra Costa Landscape

A Stand Of Trees

The Pool

The Bathers

A Grove Of Windswept Trees

The Water Carriers


Windswept Mountains

Lake At Forest Edge

Mexico, Landscape With Distant Mountains

Mountain Landscape With Lone Figure

Girl Dressing

Self Portrait

Paris Street Scene

View Of Notre Dame

Pont Neuf, Paris

Flower Merchant In Paris


Figures Dancing Around A Tree

Women By A Pool

Valkyrie Of The Sea

Joy Ride

Village In Mexico

Bolinas, California

Young Indian Girl

Standing Male Nude

Self-Portrait As Indian

Madonna In Landscape


Emanuel Schary (1924 – 1994)


Jazz Musician

Wine Tester

The Rabbi

I Remember You Rabbi


The Seaman

Sailor And Lighthouse


title unknown

Itinerant Taylor

Elderly Man Walking With A Cane


Vendor In Front Of Nathan’s On Coney Island

The Old Neighborhood

George And Burr Miller

title unknown


My Years Fade With A Smile

Then I’ll Leave As Softly As I Came

title unknown

Where Can I Go?

title unknown

Safad, In Galilee

Street Of 100 Arches

Moriah Jerusalem

Days Of Awe

The Rebbe’s Tune



A Prayer


Bar Mitzvah

Torah Mender

Simhat Torah

Rabbi At Study


Z. Vanessa Helder (1904 – 1968)


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Coulee Dam, Looking West

Sunday Morning, Grand Coulee

Red Earth And Spotted Cows – Cows And Barn

Hallett House Medical Lake

Old T. T. Minor House, First Hill, Seattle

title unknown

San Pedro Stable

Alki Point Lighthouse


Petit Mansion

Palouse Barnyard

Brattleboro Street Comp

RD Seven (Mailboxes)

Pool Below Kettle Falls

title unknown

Putney Vermont

Near San Jacinto

Young Woman

Blanche Morgan Losey

Edmund Giles Tennant

Rocks and Concrete

Sand And Gravel Works

Jackhammer Crew

C.C.C. Camp Ginkco (Near Vantage)

Eastern Washington Landscape

Pettit Carriage House

Cottonwood Creek

Mount Baker, Washington

Mount Baker

Sea Shells – Blue And Gold


Jacqui’s Chickens

title unknown

title unknown

And this our life…finds tongues in trees

Genuine Queen Anne Cottage

Georgetown, Seattle


Penrhyn Stanlaws (1877 – 1957)


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Portrait Of A Lady

Between Poses – Olive Thomas 

In The Studio


Hannah A. Berlinger

Snow Bird (Mabel Normand)

Innocence (Anna Q. Nessen)


Young Woman With Flowers

Lady With Daisies

Daisies Won’t Tell

Fresh As The Morn

Girl Of The Golden West


A Snowy Day

Golden Blonde

Belle Lady

Silver Blonde

Beautiful Woman In Hat In Orchard

Light Brunette

Gray Haired Type

Spanish Type

American Brunette

Sunday Magazine illustration

Sunday Magazine illustration

Liberty illustration

Liberty illustration

A Stylish Fadeway Girl

An Evening Out

Woman In Red Stole

Woman In Black

Woman In Sandtrap

Bouquet Of Roses

Pink Rose Bouquet

Purple Posey

And The Winner Is

Tennis In Blue

At The Fashion Show

College Requirements

Elegant Lady Drinking A Cup Of Tea

Woman In Wide Brim Hat Holding Tea Cup

Cup Of Java

Snowball Fight

Girl And Water Lilies

Sitting On The Diving Board

(more paintings)

Victor Arnautoff (1896 – 1979)



City Life (detail 1)

City Life (detail 2)

City Life

City Life (detail – Self Portrait)

Self Portrait

The Clinic 1

The Clinic 2

The Clinic 3

The Clinic 4

Chapel at the Presidio of San Francisco

Pacific Grove mural (detail)

At Baker Beach

The Muralist (Self Portrait)

Lady With Earring

The Green Dress

Man With Blue Tie

Woman With Short Dark Hair

Woman In Yellow Fur

Woman With Green Brooch

Self Portrait

Lady In Repose

The United Nations

Beach Scene

The Lettuce Pickers

Men With Picks

City Workmen

The Fish Cutter

His Day Off


Golden Gate Park

The Paperboy

Proposition 18


Woman With Red Lamp

The Felt Hat

Model T

Ocean Beach Road, San Francisco

The Embarcadero

Consolidated Fisheries


Placer Mining

Prune Pickers

The Horrors Of War


Police Officer

Blue Thistles

Still Life With Red Flowers