Dana Ripley Pond (1881 – 1962)


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Young Woman In Profile

Young Girl

Woman Holding A Bible

Portrait Of A Lady

Woman With Red Hair

Young Woman

Woman In Profile

Portrait Of A Woman

Balinese Girl



A Nude Dressing

Nude Girl

Female Nude

Portrait Of A Woman

Young Woman Reading

Spanish Dancer – Woman With Shawl

Lady With Red Scarf

Widow Clutching A Bouquet Of Flowers

Portrait Of A Woman

Woman Holding A Lily And A Candle

The Pink Bonnet

Two Girls

Portrait Of A Boy

Shepard, The Artist’s Brother

Shepard Pond In Hunting Dress

Guitar Player

Man With A Straw Hat

A Fisherman

Portrait Of A Man

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

The Wine Taster

Young Man

Bearded Man

title unknown

Boston Dome

Boston Dome

River Scene With Distant Factories

Landscape With Pond And Sailboat

Sailboats Leaving Port


Water Scene

The Village

Meadow And Sky

Landscape Of Trees

New England Landscape

New Jersey Pine Barrens

Red Tree In A Forest Setting

Forest Scene With A Red Tree

Forest Landscape


Roy Cleveland Nuse (1885 – 1975)


By The Banks Of The Neshaminy

Bridge Over The Neshaminy River

Neshaminy Woodhill Bridge

Neshaminy Creek By The Cox Farm

Woodhill Bridge, Autumn

Neshaminy In Winter

Neshaminy Homestead

Cabin Run, Tohickon

Down River, Point Pleasant, PA

Mill On Riverbank

Rushland Quarry

Quarry, Autumn

Rushland Quarry, The Shed

The Old Shed, Rushland Quarry, Winter

Rushland Quarry In Winter

Winter Valley

McComas’s Farm, Rushland, Pennsylvania

Somber Autumn

Robert Tease’s Place

Red Cabin

Masonic Home From The Creek

Fall Landscape With A Stone Bridge

Geddes Creek In Winter

In A Quiet Valley

Bucks County

Benkert’s Lawn

Trees By A River

Trees In A Winter Landscape

Winter Morning, Arboretum

Winter Scene

Winter Morning


Gypsy Camp

Still Life With Peacock Feather

(1 – to be continued)

Joseph Mason Reeves (1898 – 1974)



Woman In A Red Shawl And Holding A Black Fan – Dorothy Langhorn

Woman Wearing A Black And Gold Shawl

Seated Woman In A White Gown

Miss Pat Padgett

Woman In Blue

Woman In A Black Evening Dress – Black Satin Dress

Mrs. Parker

Woman In A Red Shawl

Marjorie Moore

Woman In A Fur Coat

Attitude In Green And Red

Edith Willis

Woman In White Satin Dress

Woman In A Green Dress

Seated Woman In A Black Gown

Asian Woman In Red

Woman In A Black Hat

Temptress (Elsa)

Woman In White

Woman In Red


Negro Woman Wearing Red Bandana

Man Holding A Cigar (possibly Sam Hyde Harris)

Man With Moustache

Man In Suit

Seated Boxer

Gentleman In Black Western Hat

Cowboy With Red Bandana

Cowboy In Ten Gallon Hat

Medicine Man

Indian Chief

Small Chief

Caveman (Portrait of Native American)

American Indian Brave

Navajo Man

Chinese Man

Sam McGee

African American Man

African American Man

Three Reclining Nudes

Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude On Colorful Drape

Red On Red

Female Draped Nude Standing

Posing Nude

Swimsuit Model In Blue

(more paintings)

Leo Katz (1887 – 1982)


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Gladys Vanderbilt

Ms. Narcissa Vanderlip

Charlotte Vanderlip

Portrait Of A Woman

Mrs. Walter Sachs

Mrs. Bishur Sachs

Unknown Woman

Unknown Woman


Indian Head

Unknown Woman

An Elderly Woman

Man Playing Instrument




Patzcuaro Nocturne


Dec. 7, 1941

Year One, A. B., 1946


Is This The Meaning Of Life?


Youth Arisen

Mural at Frank Wiggins Trade School (destroyed in the 1940s)

Toltec And Aztec Culture





Chinese Dragon


Waves And Whirls

Cumulus Nebulous

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Caleb Arnold Slade (1882 – 1961)




A Concert In The Shade

North African Man

Portrait Of A Woman

The Water Carrier

Biblical Scene

Arab City

A Couple Harvesting Wheat

Portrait Of A Gentleman

The Love Song

Portrait Of A Boy, Tommy Reese

A Portuguese Woman

Self Portrait With Harbor Scene Background

A Full Harbor

Winter On The Ways – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Boatyard In Winter

Bungy River, Attleboro

South Mansfield, Mass.

Winter Landscape

Becoming Spring

Cape Cod Dunes

Old Country Road

Rural Stream


Waves Crashing On A Rocky Coast, Monhegan

Rocky Coastline

Venetian Scene With The Campanile di San Marco

Gondolas, Venice

Venice Grand Canal With Gondolas

Venetian Canal Scene

Le Pont Neuf, Paris

View Along The Seine

View Of The Seine

Notre Dame

Notre Dame In The Snow

The Louvre, Paris

French Landscape

European Village

He also made copies after other artists:

The Spinner (after Jean-François Millet)

The Reader (after Jean-Jacques Henner)

Nude In The Sunlight (after Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

Maternity (after Gari Melchers)

The Bather (after Paul-Emile Chabas)