Adam Styka (1890 – 1959)


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In The Nile River

The Island Of Philae

The Banks Of The Nile

El-Seboua, Egypt

Water Carriers And Feluccas In Front Of The Temple Of Philae

Water Carrier

Nile River At Luxor

Oxen Watering By The Colossi Of Memnon In Thebes

Sunset At The Oasis

At The Nile

Discharge Of The Goods

Under The African Sun

Water Carriers On The Edges Of The Nile In High Egypt

Boy With Donkey Water Bearer

Small Boy On A Donkey Near A Palm Plantation

The Banks Of The Nile

Camel Rider

The Camel Driver


Crossing The Wadi

At The Wadi

Ouargla Algeria

Rest In The Desert

Nomads Rest

Three Friends Camping

Arabs Walking In A Street Of Fes

In The Souk

En Route

Enjoying the Moment

…And The Crocodile Gently Sailed

Gate Of Marrakesh

Marrakesh Market

The Battlements Of Marrakesh

Thebes – Sunset Over The Nile


View Of Istanbul


Woman Smiling

Christ The King

Christ The King (detail)

Portrait Of A Woman


Indian Chief

A Broncobuster

Near The Border


The Roundup

Lassoing A Horse

Two Friends

Cowboy’s Siesta

Horses At Water

Rocky Coast

Young Woman

A Country Gentleman


Portrait Of A Doctor

Nude Male

Wanda, The Artist’s Wife

Self Portrait

Jan Styka In Capri (The Artist’s Father)



(to be continued)


Julian Ritter (1909 – 2000)



Wedding Of The Wind And Sea

Man On Cross

Sunday Preachers


The Carousel

Have Mercy On Us

Three Magicians

The Black Hole

The Rock And Roll Band

The Visitor

The Trade

Red Dancer

Last Dream

The Ferry Boat

Las Vegas Fantasy

Showgirl Dreams – Las Vegas Follies

Las Vegas Scene

Imagining You – Bordello Composition

Female Portrait

Ballet Fantasy




Night Chasing The Evening Clouds

Ridin’ in the Red Surrey

title unknown


The Masquerade Party

The Dinner Party

The Fiddler

Clown And Girl

Girl In Pink Negligee With Clown

My Show Girl

Lustful Clown

The Conductor

Clown Photographer

Hobo Clown

Clown With Accordion

Smiling Clown In Large Bowtie

Steel Worker


Omar’s Bar

Bali Marketplace

The Galilee

(to be continued)

Paintings & Information:

Julian Ritter 1909-2000

Julian Ritter com.

Julian Ritter’s Blog

Charles Cerny (1892 – 1965)



Girl In A Czech Costume

Mademoiselle Goullouand de l’Opera

Nautical Still Life

Maritime Still Life

Trompe l’oeil with Model Ships

Maritime Still Life

Still Life With Nautical Theme

Le Royal Louis

Nautical Still Life

A Maritime Still Life

A Maritime Model And Scrolls On The Table

A Maritime Still Life Including Ship Models, Hooks, Cannons And Other

Nautical Still Life

Still Life With Model Of A Ship In A Bottle

Maritime Still Life

Maritime Still Life

Model Ship And Soldiers

Still Life With Scientific Instruments

Geographical Instruments


Scientific Laboratory

Italian Box

Still Life Of Men’s Grooming Items

Old-Fashioned Trinket

Still Life

Still Life With Guitar

Tobacco Still Life

Study Of Two Pipes

Still Life With Pipes And Tobacco



Provencal Fantasy

Still Life With Sombrero In Mexican Landscape

Still Life With Cherries

A l’amitié


Surrealistic Envelopes

View Of Vienna

San Simeone Piccolo, Venezia

Landscape In Chateauneuf-de-Grasse, France

title unknown

Landscape With Figures In An Orchard

A Virginia Creeper Beneath The Railings Of An Elegant Street

Regie Company ad

Regie Company ad

Regie Company ad

Tapbioles y Pirretas

Fedor Zakharov (1882 – 1968)


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Portrait Of A Lady

Mlle Borisova

Nude – Resting Nude

Artist And Models

title unknown

Pavel Ettinger

A Seated Woman

A Seated Woman

Mrs. Charles Babcock

title unknown

Woman In A Blue Chiffon Dress

Repose At The River Bank

Ballet Dancer


Male Dancer

Male Dancer In A Contemplation Pose

Dancing In The Spotlight


In The Park

Mr. Charles R. Crane (Sketch)

The Nursemaid, Central Park

title unknown


Glistening Sea

Coastal Inlet With Wild Horses On The Cliff

Summer Morning By The Sea

The Shining Sea – The Beach

Sailboats In The Harbor

Shimmering Waters


Glistening Sea

The Gates Of Westover

New York Interior Onto Central Park

Arrangement Of Crystal

Still Life With Colorful Glass Objects

Still Life With Teapot And Apples

Sevres Tea Service On Silver Tray With Carnations

Still Life With Sweet Peas

Zinnias And Anemones

From Abstraction To Reality

Geisha Girl


Mother Of Pearl

Pushkin’s Count Nulin