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Self Portrait

Portrait Of A Woman

Basil W. Parker

Charles A. Parker


Portrait Of A Boy

Arthur E. Brown

Portrait Of A Man

Japanese Couple In Traditional Dress

Disguise – Seated Woman

Portrait Of A Man

Denman W. Ross

Portrait Of A Boy

Man With Glasses

Canal Scene With Buildings And Steeple

Canal Scene With Two Gondolas

Piazza of Ss. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice

Courtyard Of An Old Palace, Palermo

San Lorenzo, Palermo, Italy

Orizaba, Mexico

Landscape With Farm House

The Old Lyman House At Waltham

Cacti At The Grand-Hotel des Temples, Girgenti, Sicily





Still Life With Japanese Print And Flowers

Still Life With Yellow Platter And Fruit

Still Life With Grapes And Pomegranates

Still Life With Seafood

Still Life With Vessel, Plate And Ink Jar

Still Life With Jars And Figurines

Still Life With Fishbowl And Figurines

Still Life With Figurine

Still Life With Oriental Head